Healthy Habits to a Healthier Me - 5 Eyeliners and a Gloss

Healthy Habits to a Healthier Me

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Ever since I had Julius my body and health have been very different from before I got pregnant with him. I am really young, but having a child can really take your body for a loop and I am still working on trying to get my health back to normal. I've had to learn to follow healthy habits and look for products that can help me me feel more like myself. I love Walgreens as a destination for my Woman's Health needs because it is a one-stop shop that has everything I am looking for. I am very busy all day and don't have enough hours in the day to go to a big store in search of my personal care needs, but I can walk in and out of a Walgreens in less than half of the time that I usually take at a large store. 

This weekend I went to Walgreens to grab a new multivitamin for June and some other feminine needs for the month. Both the tampons and cramp medication were on sale which is always nice. That's something else Walgreens is really good about. With their large selection, you can always find something within your budget. 

 Here are a few healthy habits that I have been following to help me achieve optimum health:

Add an exercise routine to my day - this was probably the hardest for me because I don't like exercising. But I was very unhappy with the state of my legs and stomach, which are a far cry from where they were before getting pregnant. Loose skin and flab are no ones friend and even though I am thin, my body needs a lot of toning.

Take a multivitamin - I became extremely anemic during my pregnancy and never gained enough weight. Then add to that all the extra work that my body went through during a year and a half of breastfeeding and you have one very vitamin deficient body. This month I am taking my vitamin via flavor burst fruit chews that I got at Walgreens. These make the whole vitamin experience a lot more enjoyable.

Get more zzz's - during my pregnancy I developed insomnia, this is a strange side-effect that I have never heard anyone else go through. I learned how to survive each day with about 2 hours of sleep but it's been one of the biggest factors causing my lack of energy. Now when Julius is with his dad, I try to get as many hours of sleep as I can during the night. With more sleep, even my complexion has gotten better and gone are those dark circles that made me look like a walking zombie.

Make healthier eating choices - so hard! It is a fact that in my family we are not the healthiest of eaters. We eat a mix of everything and would never consider cutting anything completely out. But that doesn't mean that we eat fast food everyday or all day. Instead, as a family, we balance some healthy meals and choices so that we can then have some of the not-so-healthy stuff.

Health awareness is important for all women. We need to take good care of ourselves. See your doctor, get that annual check up and make more positive choices than bad ones. In the end it is all completely worth it. I want to live to see my son do so many things and he is the reason why I make my health a priority. 

May was Women's Health Month but that doesn't mean that now that June is here we can forget to care for ourselves. Every day is women's health day in my book and Walgreens makes it easy, affordable and convenient to find all the essential we need to lead a healthier life. What steps are you taking to take care of you?

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