Surprise and Delight Finds at Walmart Neighborhood Market #GOWalmart #WMT5663 - 5 Eyeliners and a Gloss

Surprise and Delight Finds at Walmart Neighborhood Market #GOWalmart #WMT5663

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During our Friday trip to Jurupa Valley and the new Walmart Neighborhood Market, we had a lot of fun looking throughout the whole store and just getting a feel for everything. I've already shown you the really big selection fresh produce which has a 100% Money Back Guarantee as does the meat department. Now it's time to see what beauty inspired items this new store has to offer their customers. 

There is no way these pink bottles with rhinestone hearts would pass me by. These bottles are just gorgeous and I could not believe the attention to detail on this packaging. Finding specialty products in these small towns is really neat. Most of the time we don't get all the cool stuff the way the bigger cities do so I am tickled pink whenever I find these cool products.

Something I always love finding is foreign beauty products. Caprice is a huge brand in Mexico and I have never tried it out so I grabbed one bottle just to see how it works. At $2.54 per bottle, it's not exactly breaking the bank, and for a product from Mexico!

We also found the ever popular Shampoo Del Caballo which is supposed to help hair growth. I've never tried it myself but I know many people who have and who swear by it. They also had a shampoo made with chile romero. Ouchies! Don't think I have the nerve to try that out, but I love that both are available.

Nivea from Mexico. Need I say more? 

Really there were a lot of other exciting finds, too many to buy in one day. 

Have you ever tried Baba de Caracol? I haven't and not sure I will because the thought of snail slime on my face is not exactly pleasing, but neat to know I can now grab it at Walmart Neighborhood Market if the mood should ever strike. 

Instituto Espanol is a Spanish brand that I was very excited to find. I know this brand is very popular and have seen it on Ebay for very high prices. But look how low Walmart Neighborhood Market's prices are. I was so excited that I got a shampoo, conditioner, body wash and hand and body cream, all items I have been wanting to try for so long. I still can't believe I found them at Walmart!

I am stocked up for the next month on hair and body care, and how affordable too. 

Right before leaving you know we hit up the Asian goods isle. We are 1/4 Japanese and love all those fun candies you can find in the Asian isle. But boy where we surprised to find Hi-Chew candies! I have never seen these in a Walmart and they are like in my top 3 favorites, so you know I had to buy 4 bags. If you like chewy, fruity candies, I suggest grabbing a bag of these when you see them. They are sooo good. 

What a fantastic trip we had checking out all these surprise and delight items at Walmart Neighborhood Market. I already knew Walmart rocks because my local one has everything, but we found so many more unexpected items. Take a trip down to Jurupa Valley and visit the store for yourself. I really think it's worth taking the time to check out, especially with the weekly specials they will be rolling out. 

8844 Limonite Ave, Riverside, California 92509

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