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Babysitting Fun During a Power Outage w/ Duracell

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I bet you didn't know that I am the official babysitter for not just my little sister, but my niece and nephews too. Our family has no shortage of children, so even when Julius is staying with his dad, I still have a few little ones at my feet. As any good aunt and babysitter would do, I always have plenty kits full of fun things for them to do while I am watching one or all of them. They love crafting, playing Legos and playing with their tablets. We also love to sit and watch movies together, eating popcorn and enjoying our favorites. But what happens when a storm hits and the power goes out? Recently I put together another kit for each child that is going to be the most important of all of the ones I have set up for them: the safety & fun kit. Our summers are very hot in this area, but we also get a lot of really strong thunderstorms, and those always mean that we are going to lose power for hours on end. It never fails, especially when the kids are all home. Since they are all relatively young, it can be pretty scary for them. This is where my fun & safety kit powered by Duracell Batteries will come in.

I went shopping to Walmart to pick the items for the safety kits. For the fun part of the kits I found: crayons, coloring books, glow in the dark goodies, battery operated toys and some random small toys for the little boys. One of the tricks to keep the kids from getting scared during a storm is to keep them busy and make the power outage part of the fun. I grabbed extra flashlights for each of the children, because flashlights are a lot of fun! To power everything, I had to grab the trusted brand that I know will not let us down at such an important moment, Duracell Coppertop Batteries. During the worst storms you want to know that your devices will have power and you can count on Duracell to be there for you.

This weekend I got to watch Anthony, which was the perfect opportunity to put his fun & safety kit to the test. Giving each child their own safety kit makes it more fun for them, they can even learn to take care of it. He is very little but we went over taking everything out and putting it away carefully.

During their next sleepover we are going to make personalized label for each container. That will be a lot of fun for them too.
For being such a good assistant I let him play with the new toys as we started filling the flashlights with batteries.

Of course that was the best part of the night.

If you give a child a flashlight, they will play with it for hours. Which reminds me that I have to put an old sheet into each kit so we can build forts during our next black out.

I still have a long way to go in prepping for a disaster. I will need to go back to Walmart to buy all the items for an actual Emergency Kit for the house. But for now the little ones are covered with plenty of goodies to help them feel safe and happy during a storm.
I prepared the kits just in time, we have a few thunderstorms predicted in the next week. Kind of fun for me since it's been so hot, maybe that will cool things down some. And now the kids won't be scared when the power goes out. This time when the lights go out, we will have Duracell to power the fun! What is a must have item you would include in your child's safety & fun kit?

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