M&M’s Desserts For Captain America Movie Night - 5 Eyeliners and a Gloss

M&M’s Desserts For Captain America Movie Night

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You can tell that my mom would have loved to have sons, she is a huge fan of superheroes, and therefore my sisters and I are too. Throughout our childhood, she took us to see every single Disney princess movie the day it came out, and when they were released she would purchased them for us. Along with those princess and girly movies though, we saw our share of super hero and karate movies. How many moms know Mortal Kombat line by line? It's no surprise that it's now become a tradition for us to get together to watch the latest super hero movies together. While we can't ever seem to get together to go see the movies at the theaters like we used to, now we wait till they come out on DVD and watch them at home. Life is so busy and hectic, so it's not quite the same as catching the flick at the theater, but as long as we are together, we still enjoy our movies to the max. Last week was the official release date of Captain America 2: The Winter Soldier DVD, and as usual, we had been waiting excitedly to watch it here together. Last night I took a fast trip to Walmart to grab some M&M's® and other goodies to enjoy during the flick. It was only going to be my mom, step dad and little sister, but there still had to be a fun snack to enjoy, and I especially wanted to find something my little sister could help me make.

Walmart has the best selection of candies and they have all the M&M's flavors, but Sammy's favorite has always been plain milk chocolate, which happened to be on rollback which you can tell by the empty shelf. I don't know about you, but I love me some rollback prices.  It was while I was in the cookie isle that inspirtation struck and I thought about making some ice cream sandwiches with M&M's. I grabbed some waffle crisps and vanilla ice cream along with 2 packages of M&M's.

Sammy was very excited today once she saw what we were going to be making. She usually gets a little package of M&M's, so these larger bags are very much a treat. 

For my mama who is a big fan of FROYO, I made a strawberry cup topped with ice cream and M&M's and a waffle, then Sammy and I set about to making our sandwiches. It's over 97 degrees today so I wasn't even sure if our waffles and ice cream would be able to hold up in the heat, but hey you only live once. We threw caution to the wind and broke out the vanilla ice cream and got ready to move fast.

M&M's Ice Cream Sandwich
vanilla ice cream
flat waffle crips
M&M's candies

Allow ice cream to soften enough to be able to scoop out easily. Place your waffle down and using an ice cream scoop grab a nice round scoop of ice cream. We tried spreading  the ice cream and this did NOT work, using a round scoop works much better. Top ice cream generously with M&M's and gently push down second waffle on top. 

I would call this a very successful dessert for our Captain America movie night. The really fun part and what always challenges me when it comes to making these simple little snacks, is finding something the kids will like. Anytime that I can include them in the fun of prepping a dessert or meal, they really enjoy it and sometimes we come up with things that later become a tradition. And you know me, I am about easy, simple to make stuff and this was the perfect dessert because it was fun to make and so yummy to eat. M&M's just make everything better! Now we can just sit down and enjoy our super hero movie with the perfect snack. I'm pretty sure Captain America was wishing I would make one for him too but Sammy finished all the chocolates. Maybe next time!

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