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Thankful For the Lowest Priced Unlimited Plans

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What is a necessity in your life? I have a lot of must-haves, but for me two things that are absolutely important in my life:  coffee and my cell phone. Yes, I can not live without my coffee fix and I can definitely not live without my cell in my hands at all times. It's an addiction, I admit it. But not just that, it's just that my phone is an integral part of my everyday life. From my daily alarm, walking app, my calendar all the way to my Starbucks app, my cell phone is like my personal assistant. I can't function without it and it can not function without me, we are basically one. Because I use it all day long, this Thanksgiving month, I am thankful for my Unlimited Talk Text and Data/Web plan with Family Mobile. 

Thanks to my unlimited plan, I can:

Write a quick post if I am out of the house and need to update my blog.
I can surf my favorite sites and blogs while on break at school or before bed.

I can text my mom and sisters all day long. 
I can check in on my son on those days that he is not with me with a quick text. 
I can plan my weeks using my Google calendar. This helps me keep school, appointments and other important things in check.

I even use my phone to pay for my daily cup of java. 

The Starbucks app is one of my most used apps and it is very helpful. I get free coffee and other rewards just for having and using this nifty app. 

Because my daily schedule is so hectic, it's important for me to have my phone on me at al times for emergency calls. It can be one of the kids not feeling well at school or mom needing me to drop some medicine off or some "lady things". We have the "lady things" emergency all the time and someone always has to run to the drugstore. 

How about a good old fashioned conversation? Everyone is so used to texting now that no one makes calls anymore, but I love having a nice conversation when there is time. It's so nice to hear an actual voice and real laughter on the line besides LOL in a text. 

My cell phone simply makes my life easier and I am so excited to have gotten a nice upgrade that is making my daily tasks even easier. Meet the ZMAX Phablet ($199.88). This "Phablet" has a 5.7" HD screen, which makes it a pleasure to use. The bigger screen is going to be so perfect for when Julius comes home, he loves to play games and we love to watch Netflix together. I have an 8 megapixel camera now to take even better pictures of him, and it's on my same plan of only $34.88 per month. 

I upgraded my phone but that doesn't mean I have to pay more to use it. I am a huge fan of this affordable plan. You can find the ZMAX Phablet and the Family Mobile starter kit in the electronics section of your local Walmart. 

Life is hectic and everyday brings unexpected surprises, but my cell phone assistant and I are on the job. I am thankful for having such an affordable plan and for having been able to afford a really cool new phone. Keeping in touch and keeping organized is so fun with my new upgrade! What are you thankful for this holiday season?

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