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5 Ways to #MaxYourTax Refund

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It's tax time ladies and hopefully you will be getting a nice little refund for your working efforts. Remember how I was talking about how being a grown up can sometimes suck? All the responsibilites that come with being a grown up are not always fun, but tax time is one of those moments when we can get back some of that hard earned money we work all year for. This is my first year filing taxes and I don't waste my money on silly things, so I compiled a list of 5 ways to really max that tax refund. Since I just spent a lot of money over the holidays on clothes, I made sure to steer from that as much as possible, with the exception of a great pair of shoes and of course the importance of 4G LTE speeds since I am on my cell phone 24/7. 

5 Ways to #MaxYourTax Refund
  • Make a list before spending any of the money: It's easy to go willy nilly spending all over the place, and sure you deserve a treat. But before you spend any money make a list of all the things you want to do with this extra cash. Take a few days to study your list and decide if you really need each item, then number them by how important they are. That way if you run out of cash, at least you took care of the most important items. 

  • Cut out the fees: In order to get the most tax cash back I send my refund directly to my bank account where I won't have to pay a fee to cash it or pay any fees associated with prepaid accounts. 

  • Don't plan to spend it all: It's hard to save money but you should always put some away for a rainy day or just so you're not broke immediately. Set aside the amount you will spend and only count that portion, put the rest in your savings account.
  • Reward your hard working self: Once you've taken care of any important items like bills, tickets or other pesky grown up things, then it's time to treat yourself. What one item (or items) have you wanted all year but could not afford? Do it, buy it. A nice bag, a pair of boots, or maybe that one eyeshadow palette you feel is an extravagance, get it. You've worked all year and you deserve a treat!
  • Upgrade your phone: Our phones are part of our lives, they are like practically part of our anatomy. I use my phone all day and for everything. If there is a time to upgrade your phone, it's tax time. But I am a girl on a budget and those six hundred dollar phones are not in my budget, instead I stick to Walmart Family Mobile, which has been my carrier for almost two years now. Family Mobile makes upgrading your phone much easier, with lower prices on devices that give you everything you need, without that high price tag. 
Today I picked up the Samsung Galaxy Avant ($149.00). With Family Mobile's new 4G LTE service, this phone totally kicks butt and I can zoom my way through my day with no lags or dropped calls. 

Family Mobile service is only $29.88 for the first line, Unlimited Talk, Text & Data service plan which includes up to 500MB of 4G LTE data. This plan is affordable to all, with phones like the ZTE Zinger  for- $19.84 (was $39.88).

I'm ready to spend my tax refund and as usual I am going to stretch that out as much as possible. I'm pretty young, but I am very good when it comes to budgeting my money and always getting the most out of it. How are you going to be spending your tax refund?

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