The Perfect Fall Refreshment - 5 Eyeliners and a Gloss

The Perfect Fall Refreshment

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Our family isn't very traditional in many ways, including the way we eat. It's very rare for us to all come together and sit at one table to eat, instead we're the people that fill the table with food and drinks and everyone sits around in different places eating and catching up. It's strange to me when we go to dinner to someones house and we actually have to sit at the table, not that it's bad, it's just really different from the relaxed feeling of my family's meals. But just because we don't sit at the table doesn't mean we don't like to get together, or to eat. There is actually nothing better than they days that everyone is off work and that we can all share a meal. We're a mixed bunch, which means that we have different kinds of food. A lot of times we will have Asian inspired meals, or Mexican food, my step-dad makes some mean mole, and then there are a lot of salads and pizza on the lazy days no one wants to cook, but there is always a constant at our table and that is iced tea. When you come to my house you can always count on a big glass of iced tea, and not just during meal times either. It's the one really refreshing drink that we can all agree on and that we always have out. 
Iced tea really compliments whatever meal we're having that day and it's so refreshing. You can enjoy iced tea in so many different ways. I like my iced tea with lots and lots of ice plus a few wedges of lemon and a very small amount of sweetener. My sister loves it with a lot of sugar and 1/2 1 squeezed lemon to make it more of an iced tea lemonade. Then you have my little sister and mom who are all about the sweet tea and can drink two pitchers by themselves in a day. 
Since we go through so much tea, I always get the bigger box or family sizes, and if there is a sale I  love to stock up on a few boxes. Right now you can Shop during the Albertsons/Safeway Stock Up Sale (9/30-10/13) for a great promo on Lipton Iced Tea 100 ct. The Albertsons Stock Up Sale is jammed with products, make sure you go through the entire store to grab the deals but don't forget to get a few boxes of Lipton Iced Tea. You're going to need a big glass of it when you get home from all that shopping.
A freshly made pitcher of Lipton Iced Tea just makes me happy. How refreshing does that look?
It's fall now and though we still have pretty warm days, the mornings are starting to feel a little cooler, which is a great time for a cup of hot Lipton tea. And during the day there is nothing more refreshing than Lipton Iced Tea, it pairs perfectly with meals and brings the family together to share the day. 
Time to refresh your meal routine with Lipton Iced Tea. Don't forget it's on sale at Albertsons. You're welcome.

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