Mini Churro Plates for Easter - 5 Eyeliners and a Gloss

Mini Churro Plates for Easter

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Easter in my family has always been a special occasion and not specifically for religious reasons because we're not religious. Instead Easter for us means the coming together of the family to enjoy the holiday together with a lot of food, fun and games for the kids and basically just a good time to catch up.  It is one of our favorite holidays and we can spend weeks preparing for it, which is really fun. So much planning goes into our Easter: you have to have really fun Easter baskets for the kids, you have to have a lot of plastic eggs for the famous Easter egg hunt, have the Easter egg dying kids ready, and you have to have a lot of food planned out. Mostly you have to have the food part down because we are Mexican and Mexicans love nothing more than to eat our way through any holiday. 
For this Easter I wanted to go out of my comfort zone and prepare something that I had never done before. I want to make Mini Churro plates for Easter dessert and though it's a little more complicated than my usual recipes, I think the end result was worth the time. 
Plating for me is almost as important as the actual recipe. To give my Mini-Churro plate that really festive Easter look I picked up a few bags of M&M's® Easter Sundae flavor. This Limited Edition Easter flavor is an exclusive to Walmart and it's the perfect way to add that Easter flair to your holiday recipes. I am in love with these colors and think they need to make a regular edition year-round in these pastel shades. 
Mini-Churros (makes about 20 mini-churros)
Recipe ingredients:
1 cup of all-purpose flour
3 eggs
1 cup water
1tbsp cinnamon powder
2tbs butter
2 cups oil for frying
1 cup of sugar for rolling churros

1 quart sized Ziplock bag
1 extra large tip (Wilton found in Walmart pastry aisle)

Instructions: In a pot put to boil water. Once it's begun to boil add butter and stir until melted. Add flour quickly into the water and stir until about 2 minutes until you see dough start to take shape. At that point remove from heat to avoid burning but continue to stir, making sure to really blend that flour in. Once your dough is blended add 3 eggs and continue to stir with a spatula or hand-held mixer. The dough has become sticky and doesn't want to mix easily, so this might take a bit of time but eventually it will all blend together. The last step for the dough is to add the cinnamon, once again stir and it's ready to be placed in a ziplock bag. 

Heat oil for frying in a large pot. I made my own sleeve for piping using a ziplock bag and Wilson tip. For my mini-churros I only piped out a small piece of dough into the oil and cut with a knife (scissors would have worked best). Fry each churro until golden and drain on plate that has a few paper towels on it. Roll in sugar (you can add cinnamon to the sugar mixture if you please) and serve warm if possible. 

Once my Mini-Churro plates were ready I added a handful of M&M's® Easter Sundae flavor candies. I think this is one of the cutest Easter dessert plates I have ever seen. Churros are not an everyday dessert at our house because nobody knew how to make them, so I know there are going to be some very happy faces when these come out to the table. 
M&M's® Easter Sundae flavor candies and Skittles® Easter themed products along with other M&M's® varieties that have Easter colors and DOVE® Chocolate Eggs are going to make my family's Easter celebration a hit. Find them all at your local Walmart, along with all of your other Easter goodies. Get it all in one place and save time and money, and with only a few weeks left, you want to go soon. I hope your Easter is wonderful this year, and that you make special memories and eat lots of good food. Find a special bundle deal for other Easter products here

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