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A Must Have in My On-the-Go Bag

Today I have partnered with Target to talk about how I am now saving on my monthly diaper budget, while still getting great quality. 

My mom had a lot of girls and I remember how we always wondered what life would be like if we had any brothers. Now I know how lucky mom was to have given birth to all girls. If you know anything about boys, especially toddlers, you know that they are non-stop all day long. Seriously, I have never seen as much energy in any little girl than I see in our boys. Miah is a perfect example of a child who wakes up at 5:30a.m. and doesn't stop till night. The only way that I have found to tame some of that energy is by taking a daily trip to the park, which relieves him of that excess energy and gives me some down time to recouperate.

Since he will outplay everyone, I have to count on being at the park at least two hours and that means being prepared. That's why my on-the-go bag is always packed and ready with everything we will need to avoid accidents and meltdowns.

So what do I pack in my on-the-go bag?
  • Nini : a cup of juice with a backup because the thirst is real when you're playing for so long. The minute he's thirsty and I don't have juice is a moment I will be sure to regret. Don't forget the nini! 
  • Cars: Miah's favorite toys are cars and little figurines and I always have a few in the bag. Eventually he gets bored of the playground and he will want to play on the blanket and he loves having his favorites with him.
  • Snacks: Whether it's a banana or a bag full of dry cereal, I always pack something for the munchies monster. You also want to have something with you to help discourage the ice cream man that happens to come by a million times while we're there. 
  • Diapers: How many times have you forgotten to pack a diaper and lived to regret it? Yes, you can not forget extra diapers, especially when there will be so much drinking and moving around. I was recently sent some Target up & up™ Diapers and these are the ones we have been using for our park trips and anytime I am on-the-go.

I have used Target up & up™ Diapers in the past, when Julius was a baby and I already knew they were a very good value. But I wasn't sure how they would hold up to the energy of Miah. I was pleasantly surprised to note that they were able to handle this kids non-stop playing, running and rolling without bunching up. We also haven't had any accidents, which is great because I usually pop into the store after the park and a wet baby is not something I want to deal with on such a busy day.

I'm really happy for the opportunity to get to know more about Target up & up™ Diapers once again. Diapers are one of the pricier items on my monthly budget and if I can save money while still getting premium quality, then I'll take it! With up to 12 hours of leak protection, a new Quilted Absorbent Core that provides enhanced softness for comfort, and a wetness indicator that lets me know when the diaper needs changing, I am sure we will be buying more Target up & up™ Diapers.

Would you like to try Target up & up™ Diapers for yourself? Register here to sample free up & up™diapers in sizes: 3, 4, 5. Register to get your free sample today and maybe you can save some money on your monthly diper budget too.

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Target up & up™ Diapers

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