Fruit Infused Iced Tea - 5 Eyeliners and a Gloss

Fruit Infused Iced Tea

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Summer is almost here and if you're looking for a way to Refresh the Way You Flavor Your Day, I have a fun and easy drink to share with you today!  One of my all-time favorite summer drinks is an ice-cold ponche de frutas (fruit punch infused with fresh fruit) and today I am going to share how easily you can create this refreshing drink with a few cans of FUZE® Iced Tea. FUZE® Iced Tea is a new-to-me brand of iced tea that I am really enjoying, especially the lemon flavor. You can find FUZE® Iced Tea 12-packs in select Walmart stores.

This type of beverage is one of the reasons that I always make sure to have fresh fruit on hand, you don't even need a lot of it. For fruit punch or this fruit infused tea, I usually grab 3-4 different fruits and slice one of each, plus a few strawberries. Just use whatever is in season or on sale that week at your local market. This is one of the things that I picked up from my mom and grandma when I was growing up, if you always have fresh fruit available you can use it in many ways and it's so much better for you than digging around for a candy bar or other sweet snack. 

Growing up Mexican there really weren't a lot of sweets when we went to abuelitas house, if you asked her for a candy she would tell you to grab a peach or a pear. If you wanted to stop by the store to pick up some chips, she would instead past by the market for fresh fruit and get home to make a fruit salad. I probably didn't appreciate that so much at that age, but I have definitely followed in her footsteps and always have fruit at the ready for snacking and incorporating into fresh water, punch or iced tea. 

Fruit Infused Iced Tea
(1 liter)

1 sliced nectarine
1 sliced fiji pear
2 cups of diced watermelon
three sliced strawberries
2 cans of FUZE® Lemon Iced Tea
1 cup of ice

Preparing this is super easy - just slice your fruit and fill carafe with ice. Drop in all the fruits, fill with 2 cans of  FUZE® Lemon Iced Tea and allow to chill in the fridge for a bit. I usually keep filling the carafe with more tea to extend the life of the fresh fruit and only take a few pieces in each cup to nibble on. 

This is the perfect summer drink recipe but really you can enjoy it all year with in-season fruits and different flavored iced tea. My other favorite flavor to make is FUZE® Lemon Iced Tea with large wedges of oranges and mandarins! 

FUZE® Lemon Iced Tea is delicious on its own but the addition of fruit for sure takes it to the next level.  

My summer beverage is ready, how's yours coming along? I invite you to try this recipe at home for a refreshing Summer pick me up. Don't forget to pick up FUZE® Lemon Iced Tea at Walmart and a selection of fruits so you too can enjoy this super yummy drink. 

Not all fruits depicted are present in each product. Juice percentage varies.

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