Making Icy Coca-Cola Magic - 5 Eyeliners and a Gloss

Making Icy Coca-Cola Magic

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I like to consider myself to be a bit of an expert on icy beverages. I live in California where icy and slushie type drinks are a year-round thing and I was pretty sure that I knew all of the best places to score one. Turns out that I was wrong and I have been seriously missing out one of the coolest ways to enjoy a delicious Coca-Cola™ or Sprite®. 

My icy drink cravings tend to come at various hours in the day including in the middle of the night or maybe on the drive home from a long day of work. And nothing is worse than getting to your favorite slushie place only to find it closed. That's why my new must-stop place for an icy drink is Chevron Station, home of the Arctic Coke machine. Voila!

I don't even know if I had seen the Arctic Coke machine before last week. Gas station stores tend to be so busy that I don't know if I had never seen this machine, or maybe I saw it and thought it was a simple fridge. That's what it looks like right? Well, check out how cool this machine actually is. 

Start by picking out your favorite Coca-Cola drink. 

Now you slowly tilt the beverage upside down, then right side up.

Place your cold beverage on the platform.

Press the red button.

Now, watch the icy magic happen!

My bottle of Sprite literally turned into the perfect icy beverage right in front of my eyes.

How amazing is this? If you're like me, you have attempted to create this kind of magic at home by putting your soft drink in the freezer. But getting the perfect amount of ice is not easy and I usually end up freezing mine into a hard rock. 

All the Arctic Coke machine needs is a press of the button and you have the PERFECT slushie in mere seconds. 

I think it's safe to say that I will now be taking a different route home from work, specifically the one that brings me past this Chevron Station. Unfortuntately, not all stations have the amazing Arctic Coke machine so you will have to find an Arctic Coke near you

I'm hoping that as the word gets out and more people find out about Arctic Coke, more machines will be available because this is such an awesome way to enjoy a Coca-Cola product. Seriously, I have found my favorite new way to enjoy a cold drink and I hope that soon there will be an Arctic Coke machine closer to my place so I can make some midnight soda runs. 

Check out this video to see exactly how the Arctic Coke magic came to be and let me know if you have spotted this delicious icy beverage machine in your area. 

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