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5 Ways To Keep Your Adult Cat Healthy & Happy

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As a multi-cat family it is important that we give each of our cats the right nutrition and care that each of them needs, depending on age and health. Even if your cats are the same age, we have five kittens from one liter, they can have different health issues/needs. So we try to be careful of what each of our cats particular needs are and to cater to those needs as best as possible, which is easy when you have a PetSmart in your town. 

PetSmart is a one-stop location for all of our pet needs. At PetSmart we can find everything from pet care items (flea care, shampoo,etc.), bedding, toys and an incredible variety of food. Here we can get the food we feed the kittens, their favorite brand of snacks..meal add-ons plus the food we buy Fluffy, their mom. As an adult cat, who had several liters before getting fixed, she has digestive issues and needs as much nutrition as possible in her diet.

Purina® Pro Plan® PRIME PLUS Chicken &Rice Formula Adult 7+ Dry Cat Food has her needs covered: With a proprietary blend proven to improve and extend the life of cats age 7 and older (Findings based on cats exclusively fed a complete diet with the proprietary blend vs. cats fed the complete and balanced diet alone.)

Take advantage if this promotional offer: Get a $10 PetSmart gift card when you spend $40 on Purina® Pro Plan®. (Make purchases from 10/15/18 –11/24/18. Upload receipt by 12/1/18.) The Offer will be fulfilled within 8–10 weeks from the submission date. Learn more about this offer HERE

Fluffy loves Purina® Pro Plan® PRIME PLUS Chicken & Rice Formula Adult 7+ Dry Cat Food, which is really good for her. It  improves microflora for a balanced digestive system - having lived as a stray all her life before coming here, she's definitely dealt with some digestive problems. It also strengthens her immune system and helps her build lean muscle mass, helping to keep her at a healthy weight. 

Something else really important for cats is having healthy skin and on this diet her skin and coat is really flourishing.

And as much as Fluffy loves dry food and could be happy on that alone, I do love to incorporate wet food a few times a week into her meals. Wet food is something that we know makes our cats extra happy, so we always make sure to have some in the house. This Purina® Pro Plan® PRIME PLUS Adult 7+ Seafood Varieties Pack is her favorite and really livens up her regular mealtimes - she gets to enjoy a can a few times a week or when she's feeling a bit down and needs a little pick me up, like on days we visit the vet. 

Regular vet visits are also important when it comes to ensuring your cat leads a healthy, happy life. So - while it's something none of us enjoy, Fluffy cries the entire time and my wallet cries after, it's something we do a few times a year. Is there anything as soul crushing as the sound of your pets crying their heart out?

But it's okay, after a regular check up and a nice meal we can get to doing one of Fluffy' favorite things, brushing her coat and giving her extra scratchies.

This along with watching her babies play seem to be the things that also make her happiest. While she no longer runs after balls and chases her kids, she does love to sit and watch them play all day long. 

Those are just some of the ways that we ensure our adult cat is happy and healthy. Fluffy is such a good cat and she deserves a good life after spending years on the street. She'd had a few liters before but none of her babies had ever made it. But this time she is getting to make up for all those lost babies and she is one of the best cat moms I have ever met.

How do you keep your pets healthy and happy? Visit the social hub to see how others are meeting their pets needs with the right diet and Pro Plan® Prime Plus™.

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