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How Close Will You Get?

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In my house we are usually so busy we rarely watch any television. But for sure you can bet that we've made time to watch the big game. Whether it was from a cell phone on-the-go or taking an hour to sit down at home and watch in between feeding Julius and nap time, we were there! These games have been so exciting and also so brutal! But most of all they have been very fun and a great way for everyone to get come together as one and enjoy watching our countries fight for the big win. 

Most of the matches that my team played, it was just Julius and I watching because everyone else was out. But that's fun too because it means time that I can spend with my son watching something that we both enjoy, and I am sure that there will be many more games in our futures. I can't wait to watch this same game with him when he's a teenager and then a grownup! He's going to be a soccer lover, that's for sure. He doesn't know how to say goal yet, but he says Baaaallll! Close enough. 

Passion for the game brings everyone closer. The further your team goes, the closer you get and Crest Complete allows you to get closer to people, providing you the confidence that comes from knowing you are covered and protected against bad breath. Crest Complete Multi-Benefit Whitening + Scope Striped Toothpastes are the only toothpastes that combine the whitening power of Crest toothpaste with the freshening power of Scope mouthwash. They also fight cavities, prevent tartar, and provide cleaning action to help remove surface stains. That way no matter how close you get, you never have to worry about your breath. Try Crest Complete products while saving some money by clipping coupons here

These games have brought us closer than ever and I can't wait to see who wins, I am just rooting for everyone that is left. May the best team win!

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