Dorm Essentials & Ideas - 5 Eyeliners and a Gloss

Dorm Essentials & Ideas

Thanks to Kleenex for sponsoring today's post about how to get your dorm feeling like it's really your own personal space. 

Going back-to-school is an exciting time and for those of you heading back to college, it can be quite challenging to go from your bedroom at home to a dorm room. I'd like t share a few dorm essentials that I think will make a big difference in making your dorm your own personal space and help you feel at home so you can get on with the business of studying. 

Comforter: I spend a good portion of my life laying on top of my bed. It can be reading, doing homework, chatting or just relaxing after a long day of classes and the comforter that I pick for my bed is very important. I switch this out every few months to change things up a bit. Because it is the focal point of my room, I always choose bright colors and patterns that will make this special spot comfy.

Speaker: I love to listen to music when I am doing homework. I have a few headphones but those make my head hurt after a little while so I enjoy listening to my favorite playlist on a speaker. 

A shower caddy: This is something that is very essential. Look for a caddy that has as many pockets as possible and fill it up with all of your favorite products from home. Using the products that my mom has always purchased for us really makes me feel closer to home. 

Kleenex Expression Oval Facial Tissue chevron designs: these very cute oval Kleenex designs will give your room an extra pop of color at a very affordable price. I use Kleenex all day, so why not have such a cute design that looks great in my room too.

Personal touches: I love having personal touches that make me feel like I am at home. These include pictures from home, a few of my favorite books and adorable little knick knacks that don't cost a lot but make me smile. 

A cute lamp: I love changing up lamps and will switch those every few months. This is another easy way to change the look of your dorm fast without spending a lot. 

Laptop: So important and something every student needs. I am saving for a coral laptop but I would not mind having a pink one too. I just love to incorporate as much color as I can to my life.

Comfy desk chair: When you're going to be sitting at a desk all day, a comfortable chair is very important. If this chair can be a bright color that will give your drabby dorm room more color and life, even better.

A coffee maker: Coffee is life, especially when you are studying non-stop. I love the Keurig because it can make you almost any drink you want and it is very easy and mess free. 

Where can you find Kleenex Expression Oval Facial Tissue chevron designs? Look for them at Walmart by the back-to-school section or by checkout. These affordable Kleenex styles will really help give your dorm a much needed pop of color, and how affordably!

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