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Drop Your Pants for #Underwareness

Thanks to Depend for sponsoring today's chat about such an important subject. 

Did you know that Over 65 million Americans experience bladder leakage? And we are not talking seniors in an old folks home, it's every day people just like you and me. It can be a teenage girl or a 42 year old woman, and this is a problem that carries such a stigma that most people who suffer from it refuse to talk about it. Depend is helping to break down that stigma by coming up with the Drop Your Pants for Underwareness social movement to help support sufferers of bladder leakage. 

One of my sisters has suffered from this for years and today I asked her a few questions about this condition. I think this will help us better understand this condition, so we can lend our support to all of those suffering from it.

• When did you first experience bladder leakage?

Probably as early as 12 years old. At first I thought I was just waiting too long but I didn't take long to figure out that it was no me waiting but a very light bladder. 

• How did you go about finding solutions for protection?

Mom is the one who researched the problem and found a few ways to help avoid accidents. If they can't be avoided, she has also helped me find ways to control it so that I can go through my day without worrying about accidents.

• What feelings did you have when you realized you have bladder leakage?

At first I was too little to realize it was going to be a problem, but as I got older I began to run into more problems like a leak or worrying about a leak. Many important moments can be interrupted when you feel like you might accidentally pee on yourself. 

• Do you have any tips or advice for others experiencing bladder leakage?

Bring it out in the open with your loved ones. This is not something that you have caused or that you can just stop. Let people know what you are going through so they may support you and at least understand why you are always popping off to the loo. 


Today you can help us crush the stigma of bladder leakage by taking part in the Drop Your Pants for Underwareness social movement and charitable cause. Depend will donate $1, up to $3 million, over the next three years to charities that advance the research, education and awareness of bladder leakage for: 

  • Every pant drop, photo and video shared Using #Underwareness and #DropYourPants; and
  • Every personal video made about what Underwareness means to you that is uploaded to YouTube and tagged #Underwareness and #DropYourPants

Maybe you don't suffer from bladder leakage but maybe someone you know does. Let's break down the stigma of bladder leakage. Drop your pants and take part in the  Drop Your Pants for Underwareness social movement today!

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