You Make Me Feel Brand New - 5 Eyeliners and a Gloss

You Make Me Feel Brand New

My days as mom to a soon-to-be 2 year old are not very easy or exciting. Mostly it's a lot of sticky hands, cleaning and trying to put a child to bed who refuses to sleep. I could say I am tired of it and long for a single life or at least a more glamorous life, but I love my days. Even when I hear my son crying for an hour or when he refuses to sleep at night, I would never trade it for the world. If at any moment I am feeling sad, tired or in need of a little pick me up, there are many things that make me feel better right away. These are not expensive things or expensive brands, these are all little things that make a big difference in my life but in actuality cost very little. 

Scent is a big deal and I love the perfume selection from Styles For Less. These are all more of a body spray than a perfume and cost $10 per bottle. Usually they are running a sale too and you can get them even cheaper. We bought their newest scent Craze a few weeks ago and I am obsessed with it. It is a very fruity, melon scented spray that is just amazing for these warmer days. 

My new Forever 21 bag fits everything including my laptop. I loved this the moment I saw it and it cost a lot less that you would figure. 

A small detail like my new initial necklace from Styles For Less gives my tops a whole new feel. I can wear this short or make it longer and it works great as an every day accessory.

During the only rainy, drab day we had in the I.E., I had to pull out one of my bright lippies. Baby Lips that barely have any color are usually my thing but when the day is gray, only a bright lip will do.

I have other favorites like my Bath & Body Works candles and other goodies spread all over my house. I find that if you surround yourself with things you love, it's hard to ever be truly unhappy. What are some of your every day favorites?

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