Great Skin - 5 Eyeliners and a Gloss

Great Skin

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Great skin is not something I normally talk about because I wasn't a lucky recipient of it. You know how there are girls who have the most amazing skin under their makeup, or worse, those girls that don't even wear makeup and still have great skin? Well, I am not one of those girls. I have always had problematic skin, not full-blown acne mind you, but I do suffer from breakouts. It's not always easy to find a moisturizer that works with my skin problems without making it break out more. I have been caring for my skin since I was very young, washing it every morning and night as well as applying moisturizer, especially at night. But you know that I am a budget friendly gal and I am always use products that can easily be found at the drugstore without having to break the bank. Even with difficult skin, POND'S at Walmart always comes to the rescue.

POND'S Crema S Nourishing Moisturizing Cream is the perfect moisturizer for both times of day, it moisturizes and nourishes skin for up to 24 hours with a blend of natural botanical extracts, so my skin is always soft and healthy. POND'S Crema S Nourishing Moisturizing Cream delivers enough moisture to my skin without making the breakouts worse.

Even when you wear a full face of makeup, it's important to have great skin underneath. You can't have a beautiful finish if the canvas you are working on is not in good shape, especially when you take as many pictures as I do. The advice that I always give young girls who ask me how they can look better, is to care for their skin. Do the routine: wash your face every single night, never go to bed with makeup or impurities all over it. Cleanse, cleanse, cleanse. And afterwards moisturize your skin to keep it soft and healthy. Also don't forget to drink your water!

I'm starting my summer with great skin and it feels so good! Don't forget that you can find POND'S at Walmart. Try it for yourself and see how you don't have to spend a lot to get beautiful results. Click the banner below for more info and for $1 off coupon!

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