Time To Take Care of Me - 5 Eyeliners and a Gloss

Time To Take Care of Me

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That time of the month isn't the best for us ladies, am I right? But I have always found that it's better to look for a silver lining during any situation and focus on that. The silver lining to having a period? I'm a woman, and my body is doing it's job so that I can be the life creator and amazing, strong and beautiful woman that I am. Well then what better time to pamper yourself and give your body that extra attention it deserves. It doesn't necessarily mean taking some down-time, we all know how we are super busy and can barely take five minutes off much less a day or two. But giving yourself some "me time" during your period days could consist of as little as thirty minutes. Those thirty "quality" minutes of time to care for yourself can make a huge difference in how miserable or at peace you can be with Mother Nature and your body during those days. 
I choose to be at peace with my body and today in celebration of the fact that my body is doing it's job, I gave myself some me time by stoping by CVS for some light retail therapy. It had been weeks since I had done a mani at home and my nails were looking pretty wrecked. I felt awful every time I looked them. Have you ever had to hide your nails because they look so awful? That was me.  Time to get a new polish and give myself the confidence that a nice manicure gives me. It's funny how a new lipstick or nail polish shade can give any day such a perk up, so does a little bit of shopping. I stopped by CVS to pick up my monthly tampon box (U by Kotex® Sleek®) and a few goodies for myself.
When Julius is home I don't always get mani time because I can't get enough time to let my nails dry. He's at his grandmas house which meant I didn't have to rush and could take my time. All moms should have mani time at least once a week. 
What a cute shade, that's so much better than chipped nails.
Find a $2 off coupon at CVS for U by Kotex® Sleek®. These small, colorful and sleek tampons with the cute packaging make my period happier too. Best of all they give me the confidence to know I am protected and can go about my regularly scheduled program.
Other women are sharing how their periods aren't keeping them back either at the Daily Break Social Hub. Get more ideas to make your period better by visiting the page and take a quiz for a chance to win a $250 CVS card.

The week during my period can be nicer if I choose to look at the bright side of it. By pampering myself and getting that "me" time, I can have a better week and not dread next month's visit. How do you make your time-of-the-month better?

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