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5 Life Hacks For a Healthier Day

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The question that I get the most over and over again is how I manage to stay so thin and active even with my busy schedule. With a work schedule that can be anywhere from 6-12 hours per day plus family and photo events in the evening, it can be hard to fit healthy moments in. When you're so busy, it's much easier to take a faster route when it comes to healthy eating and keeping active. But I save those cheat moments for the weekends and try to stick to better things during the week. Here are 5 of my simple tips to help you have a healthier day.
5 Life hacks For a Healthier Day

A few years ago I began to take a daily vitamin to *promote my overall health. Being a candy lover I added a Centrum Gummies multivitamin to my regimen and I do think that it's made an immense difference in how I feel. Since then Centrum Multivitamins have been a part of my daily regimen. Right now I am taking the new Centrum Vitamints Raspberry and the Centrum Vitamints Cool Mint. These flavored vitamins are just like the gummy versions, easier and more enjoyable to take. These are really good too!
Oh water, how I do not enjoy thee. Drinking enough water has always been a challenge for me so I add fruit to my water to make it tastier. Add a bunch of fruit to your water bottle in the morning and just keep refilling it throughout the day and before you know it, you've drank more water than you knew you ever thought you could. One of my favorites to add is oranges but cucumber is really refreshing too. 
 "Eat your veggies." Yeah, we've been hearing that since we were kids, but it's still very important to get some veggies into our bodies every day. I get my fill of veggies from having one salad a day. I love spinach salad most of all which is strange because I hated spinach growing up. Now it's one of my favorites and I think it's because I matured enough to actually have more than a bite like I did when I was a kid.
Getting enough sleep is another one of those things that we might not always think is important. Being our age I think we forget that we are supposed to stop living the vida loca so much and actually getting to bed in time to really give our body the rest it needs. I could stay awake for days, I really could because I love the nighttime, but it catches up with you. If you can't catch a full 8 at night you can also try to squeeze in some naps during the day, and you will see how refreshed you feel afterwards. 
Staying active is another big part of my day and it doesn't necessarily mean going to the gym. My work schedule varies so much that it's already hard enough to balance that with family, so instead I take walks, I have a makeshift gym in the garage and I always look for an excuse to stay moving versus sitting down. Having stairs in your place is another good way to get a lot of extra steps in a day.
Maintaining my weight and staying active is a lifestyle really, all about making better choices, none of them really hard when you think about it. 
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The fun flavors of Centrum Multivitamins make for an easy-to-take vitamin regimen. They are part of the reason why I can keep going with so much on my schedule. Enjoy staying healthy with simple solutions like Centrum Gummies and Vitamints.

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