Los Primos: A Trip to Build a Bear - 5 Eyeliners and a Gloss

Los Primos: A Trip to Build a Bear

One of the kids favorite stops when we go to the mall is Build-A-Bear Workshop. Julius loves stoping by to make a pal for himself every time he is given the opportunity, which is not every single time because even though you can get some animals cheaper, it's still expensive. See his first trip to Build a Bear here. Julius loves watching Paw Patrol on tv so the excitement was high as soon as we saw the first commercials for Build-A-Bear Workshop with them in it. The very next day we had to pile into the car to make the drive for our brand new  Paw Patrol Build-A-Bears!

As excited as he was though, Julius is way too cool to show it.

No matter how many times the girl that was helping them tried to talk to him, he would not budge. He's not a very friendly dude at all. 

At one point he even turned away hoping that would cut down on the friendly chatter.

Anthony is good egg, HE always has a smile for everyone.

When the Paw Patrol Buil-A-Bear Worshop friends were finally ready, we got some smiles.

Another successful trip to Build-A-Bear Workshop in the bag.

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